European Imperialism Created a Rift with the World

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European Imperialism created a rift within the world. European powers saw the use of Imperialism, as well justified and a mean of spreading their influence and securing their strength. However the nations which found themselves under rule of an imperialistic power did not share the Europeans view on the favors they were giving. European nations saw themselves fit to divide the uncivilized world, almost in a pie like manner, to be placed under their reign. With this came many mistreatments of indigenous traditions and the people themselves. King Leopold the Second’s imperialistic claim on the Congo, and the European attempts at controlling China both exemplify the disaster of Imperialism on the human condition, and the resistance created by the people. Both Africa and Qing China saw itself under the hungry eye of European powers. Meeting and arrangements were created, without the native’s knowledge, by European power to subdivide and subjugate these lands for their own purposes, disregarding what the people of these lands desired. “Despotism is a legitimate mode of government in dealing with barbarians, provided the end be their improvement.” (King Leopolds Ghost, 2) The European powers present at the Berlin Conference of 1884, all saw themselves as a higher state of society, one that possessed a god granted right to control the lands and the people of the less civilized nations. King Leopold himself saw to obtain as much land as he pleased by manipulating the other
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