European Imperialism after 1850

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European Imperialism after 1850 In many ways imperialism and colonization are aspects of nearly every society in recorded history. The examples are not only plentiful they dominate history. The variations include military dominance for territorial superiority and power in a regional sense to empires that sought riches through the resources and labor of others usually every example has elements of both. The period of Imperialism that dominates the minds of many is that which occurred via European sources first locally, in places like Ireland by Britain and even earlier the dominance of Charlemagne and other European entities over the Eastern Europeans whom they utilized for slave labor to exploit needed resources (Verhulst, 2002: 117). In one way or another the dominance of a more powerful group over another for the power, prestige and of course wealth of the dominating entity is the story of civilization, as migrating control lines (borders) dominate historical maps and form the basis for our modern view of history. This work will briefly, at best discuss the motivations of European imperialism after 1850, what drove it and what dominated it, both philosophically and practically. That having been said there has come a time in history, in very recent history where the lines of borders are thought of as set and it is a rare circumstance that those lines of control are altered and even more rare are altered without international conversation and involvement. This is not
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