European Integration And The European Union Enlargement

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This literature review provides evidence of the research conducted in order to increase the knowledge regarding the topic in question: the EU enlargement. The paper analyses, first of all, the why and how of the European Union enlargement. Starting from outlining the main reasons of the European integration and its benefits, as well as the perspectives of the controversial issues that the European integration presents. In particular, the difficulties of agreeing which country should join the monetary union and the numerous problems that the enlargement brings to the other European states, taking into account the major changes that the monetary union bring. The literature review closes with the question: how big the European integration should be, as well as the numerous critical appraisals and the solutions that different authors propose. In order to demonstrate and give an overview of the research made regarding of the EU enlargement.
In carrying out the review books, journals and websites were consulted. The sources were pronominally post 2006.
The European Union is a regional integration, born to aggregate the countries survived from the Second World War and to promote productivity and economic growth. Moreover, to contribute to defeat the social and financial inequalities between the European countries. It is important to make a distinction about the reasons that leaded the European Union to enlarge. David Long (2000) recognises that the EU has expanded numerous times…
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