European Integration And The European Union

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2. In this article Hass intends to explains the European integration and relate them to a broader subject of universal integration. 3. The author uses information derived from studying the European integration story and various other unions in different regions. 4. In this article, the idea is to study the European integration and to understand what are the precursors that lead to such a unionization and if it can be formulated in other regions in order to create a more organized system of governance. It also provides an analysis of why the lessons learnt from the European Union is not possible to be implemented in other regions as the issues differ by region. 5. This article is very important to my research as it studies the background…show more content…
5. The article is helpful for my research as it discusses the EU in a different light and tries to study its decisions based theory and non-theory terms. 6. The limitation set by this article is that it concentrate mostly on the political aspect of the EU and in relation to policy making and does not explain theory in relation to other sectors like economy and defense. 7. In conclusion, it explains how EU is abandoning the old school theories of institutionalism in favor of a more generic model and believes this can be done in the EU as its institutionalized system provides fertile ground for development. 8. This article is not a foundation of my research but a rather important ideology in understanding EU institutions and actors.

2. This article by Jachtenfuchs presents a new approach towards understanding the integration of Western European states. 3. The article aims to draw an understanding between the approaches taken in the integration of the European Union (EU). 4. The author starts by explaining integration in two differing approaches whereby the classical integration theory is the dependent variable and the governance approach is the independent variable. It explains the Europeanization of integration theories along with the rise of regulatory politics and network governance along with its merits and critiques. 5. This article is able to provide a
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