European Integration And The European Union

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2. In this article Hass intends to explains the European integration and relate them to a broader subject of universal integration. 3. The author uses information derived from studying the European integration story and various other unions in different regions. 4. In this article, the idea is to study the European integration and to understand what are the precursors that lead to such a unionization and if it can be formulated in other regions in order to create a more organized system of governance. It also provides an analysis of why the lessons learnt from the European Union is not possible to be implemented in other regions as the issues differ by region. 5. This article is very important to my research as it studies the background of European Union and also helps explain why there are various forces that can ultimately make or break a union. 6. This article is limited in terms that it studies the creation of the European Union and not other issues that led to the creation of the Single European Act. 7. This article concludes that though the European Union was a success in regional integration, the lessons learnt from it can be copied to other regions but does believe that regional integration is more likely to occur rather than universal integration. 8. This article would be one of the foundations of my research as it explains the steps taken towards the creation of the European Union.

2. In this article Jupille et al. analyses the theoretical role of…
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