European Integration of Albania

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European Integration of Albania

Western European Integration
Political Science 477
Spring 2013

Research question: How far away is Albania from becoming a member state of European Union? Albania has multiple challenges to achieve the full integrating in the European Union. But, there are two major challenges; 1) the economic challenges and 2) the political challenges that are obligatory to its integration in the European Union. The economy is a challenge for Albania because the farmers industry and the food industries are underdeveloped, as a result does not meet the European Union standers to compete
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European Union’s attention was again directed towards Albania during the Kosovo war. This was because the European Union was promoting stability in the Balkan region. There were many pacts that Albania has participated at the EU Meetings. Some of the pacts were; Stability pact for southeast which was launched in 1999; the second pact was Stability and Association process for the Western Balkan in 2000. However, these pacts were accepted, but many political issues were not settled during these pacts between Albania and EU. Many other countries and international organizations were supporting this, beside the European Union. Some of the countries were; United States, Canada, Japan. On the other hand, some of the organizations supporting this pact were organizations like NATO, International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. “All countries of the Southeastern European area are partners of the Stability Pact” (Thiel, 2004) and one of the members is Albania. Although the European integration it is difficult, with the assistance of European Union, Albania can progress towards the European Integration and the country can be more trustworthy for foreign investors to come and invest in Albania. But this has not been the case of Albania. Many reforms in Albania are either not implemented or poorly implemented. This means that some reforms
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