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EUROPEAN LAUNCH PROPOSAL Updated: 23 July 2010 OVERVIEW The following plan outlines the suggested activity for the launch of Energizer’s new Energi to Go power pack line of products in Europe. Energizer will formally introduce the products within the Energi To Go power pack line to key technology and consumer media in August. This falls within the summer holidays and is a quiet time for journalists as many are away. In addition to which, a number of the European publications shutdown for the month or operate with a skeletal staff. There are also the long lead times for the monthly titles, usually 4-6 weeks, which needs to be taken into consideration and many of the publications are preparing for their Christmas editions now.…show more content…
The interviews could either take place at a centrally agreed location; but they may also take place at the publication’s office. Feature placements: proactively target relevant feature stories in the technology and consumer tech press and in national publications with story scenarios highlighting the benefits of the new product line. Product reviews: Product samples delivered to editors and gadget bloggers supported by the development of product round-ups for the inclusion in product guides. IFA 2010: At IFA we will organise media one-to-one briefings with attending press either at a central café or if Energizer are at the show on their stand. As this is largely a German show many of the attendees will be with German speaking reporters though we will also target press from the other regions. The briefings will be staffed by members of WS’ Munich office. TIMING • August: Media pitching, material localization, proactive feature outreach, kick-start product reviews cycle • September 2010: Attendance at IFA 2010, continued media outreach, feature placements and product review cycles, media briefings LOCALISATION All content will need to be translated and customised for local distribution in each of the identified countries. Local language spokespeople will also need to be identified to support the publishing house tours and conduct the one-to-one briefings. SUPPORTING MATERIALS The following supporting information and

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