European Negotiations

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European Negotiations
Southern Candle’s Tour de France
MGB225 Intercultural Communication and Negotiation Skills Assessment 1

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1. Executive Summary
Possessing cultural awareness is of an extreme importance when it comes to doing business internationally. The European Negotiations Southern Candle’s Tour de France case study illustrates its significance as it points out a lot of intercultural, verbal and non-verbal communication issues between the French owner Mr. Durand and the American team of Mr. Picard.
The intercultural issues include the choice of team members Mr. Picard does when going on the business trip, the
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Picard is not familiar with (Jones, 2011).
Mr. Picard makes prompt assumptions about Mr. Durand’s decision and confuses it with his desire to build a relationship, while he is only taking time to evaluate the proposal. In France it is accepted to be patient and make a decision after a long deliberation in comparison to America (Kenna and Lacy, 1994).
Mr. Picard takes his jacket off at the business meeting which can be accepted as inappropriate due to French business attire being extremely formal unlike the American one (Kenna and Lacy, 1994).

3.2. Intercultural verbal communication issues
In their first encounter in France Mr. Picard does not use any greeting French courtesy titles such as Monsieur or Madame or apologizes for that which could be considered quite impolite (Kwintessential, 2014).
The meeting is wrongly perceived as argumentative by Mr. Picard, however, an intense discussion and good debating skills demonstrate intellectuality in the French culture (Kwintessential, 2014). Giving a hard sell could risk the deal.
At the party the conversation held was “light”; no topics involving politics, history or culture were brought up. French people appreciate and think high of somebody who is able to maintain such conversations in an educated way (Jones, 2011).
Ms. Dubois has proudly taken a compliment on her French speaking skills, but it might have been taken as a sign of immodesty by Mr. Durand as the French are usually very dignified by their

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