Essay about European Politics

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Throughout Europe, a complex political structure of government has emerged from the once simple Monarchial rule. These new systems of Government, with respect to specific nation-states, have developed domestic policies that people depend on for daily life. Of these many dependencies is the health care system. The nation-states of Europe are entitled to bring forth and confront these issues, in order to ensure a sense of safety and well being into the lives of everyday citizens. The significance of the health care system is that it is an issue people are always trying to reform and build upon. Working alongside this idea, is the notion that other countries will develop intellectual health care systems from understanding those system…show more content…
Office-based physicians provide ambulatory care with resources allocated by collective bargaining between participants. The government, for this circumstance, only defines the framework for the bargaining process. The values primary to the SHI system can be characterized by three principles basic to a social market economy: self-administration, social partnership, and solidarity. Self-administration means that health care purchasers and providers operate as self-managing private organizations under public law. The second basic principle, social partnership, assumes that both employers and employees share the weight of paying for health care. The last principle, solidarity, means that the economically stronger members of society support the weaker members. "It is difficult to imagine circumstances in which it would be politically acceptable to abandon these general principles as part of health care reform policies." ( Moran 157) By contrast, the basic principles underlying the PHI system are the following: insurance principle, principle of equivalence, and personal precaution. The insurance principle stands for a risk-related contribution rate that reflects the medical history of the insured individual. This rate is determined mainly on the basis of age and sex. Under the second principle, equivalence, the contribution rate reflects
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