European Renaissance Influence

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The European Renaissance was a time for rebirth for Europe, it was time of classical development, a time where existing ideas were being challenged and tested by the creative and intelligent minds during time period. The Renaissance helped Europe receive a lot of power and advancement over every other continent and territory outside of the European countries at this time. How you might ask? Well it was because of the great thinkers that helped improve Europe with their new inventions, scientific discoveries, beautiful artwork, and much more. These brilliant people were bringing a new culture to a Europe that was previously suffering from depression. There are so many big figures during this era however, we can only label one man the ultimate…show more content…
He basically would map out how wanted everything to look and be positioned, which led to his perfection in his artwork. When working with the ideas of Nativity, Leonardo would examine the way the holy figures during that time period would pose and the gestures they made and would use his drawings to make it as accurate as possible. What made Leonardo more unique and special than other artists of his time was that he made his artwork based of what he saw. He would paint and draw things for what they actually were and portraying the true beauty in things. “Leonardo has two paintings that are well known by many art critics and artists around the world and they are the Last Supper and the Mona Lisa. The Last Supper that is displayed in Milan is one of the most symbolic paintings of the Renaissance. The painting is set to display Christ and his apostles sitting at table around a big feast it is said that Christ announced to his apostles that he knows that one of them will do wrong by him. In the painting you also see that Leonardo portrayed the different looks of each of the apostles as they are shocked upon hearing this. When painting the apostle that went by the name of Judas, Leonardo placed him far from the table with his face blacked out to…show more content…
While living in Florence, Italy, Da Vinci was given permission by the Republic of Florence to use dead bodies from the Hospital of Santa Maria Nuova for science. With these bodies, he performed many dissections and autopsies. Leonardo da Vinci was very curious with how the body worked and how muscles and bones related to one another to help us move. As an engineer he was responsible for creating the first idea of the war tank, bicycle, and helicopter. However, a lot of people during this time were against his ideas and inventions due to his different and impractical way of learning and
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