European Settlement in the New World

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The displacement of Indians and the enslavement of Africans tarnished the early history of European settlement in the New World’. Illustrate this statement by discussing the African slave trade and relations between European settlers and the various Native American peoples. America was regarded as the continent of new opportunities, religion freedom, new ideas, innovation. In other words, it was claimed to be the New World. Many people headed to America hoping to give a new beginning to their lives. Up to this point, we expect to learn wonderfulthings about the foundation of the States. Nonetheless, the displacement of Indians and the enslavement of Africans tarnished the early history of European settlers in what it was supposed…show more content…
Natives generously shared with the settlers their belongings, supplies, food, and the skills necessary for survival in the New World. What the settlers gave them in exchange was destined to destroy them: disease, firearms, whiskey, a brutal religion totally at odds with nature, and a demand for material goods that would rob them of their independence. Within ten years of the arrival of Winthrop and his party, the natives' welcome of the settlers had worn out. The settlers had appeared on the scene with two objectives in mind with regard to the Indians: secure their land and convert them to Christianity. The natives soon saw trade as the settlers' means of exploitation. Sachems began to resent missionaries as interlopers interested only in preparing the way for land grabs. The English made their own laws on what for centuries had been native soil and held natives accountable to English rules. Moreover, any breach of English law resulted in a native's being subjected to a public humiliation unknown in his or her own culture. Relations were scarcely improved by the Puritan attitude toward the natives. To the European mind, the natives were sub fiends in the service of
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