European Union And The European Crisis

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Since the inception of the European Union, it has been plagued with numerous problems and currently it is facing in of the biggest problems right after dealing with an economy in recession to a point where Greece had to be bailed out. There is unrest like none other among the European Union member countries to withdrawing from the union led by the United Kingdom. This is in the wake of eastern European being buried in civil war as is the case with Ukraine and the war threatening to spill over to Poland. Its unending war with Russia is leading to the unrest worsening. The United Kingdom as the main driver of the European Union policy driver has been meddling in the affairs of Russia and Ukraine leading to Russia threatening to cut off its oil supply to Europe as it is the main producers and supply of oil to Europe. These factored in with other factors have led to the European crisis s discussed below; Cultural differences The European Union is comprised of member countries that have and practice different cultures and this brings about an effect on how they associate with each other. This divides are along religious line but far from the truth, they aren’t based on religious matters. They are on policy and how liberal the countries are in a quest to ensure that they remain in line with their citizens beliefs. In so doing they have formed a difference that the European Union hasn’t been able to eradicate and this has led to problems. The difference comes in the way of staunch
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