European Union ( Eu ) Action

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2.2 European Union (EU) action

The EU was developing a particular system to mitigate CO2 and other GHG emissions. In 2005, the EU establishes an effective system, which is EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) (European Communities, 2013). The EU ETS considers as effective system to combat climate change and tool to reduce CO2 and other GHG (European Communities, 2015).
The EU ETS has biggest and first main emissions trading in the world. This system includes 28 countries from the EU as well Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. This trading scheme puts price on each ton of carbon emissions. As the CO2 emissions prices are high, thus encouraging to increase investment with clean energy that reduce CO2 and GHG emissions. Beside, this system
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The EU ETS cap allowance gives the owner of company to emit one tone of CO2 (each allowance can used only one time). Moreover, cap gives EU companies chance to buy or receive emissions allowance if they want to trade. In addition, from 2013, the cap will be making change by reduce emission about 1.74% every year from power plants and installations. That means GHG emission in 2020 will be reduce around 21% compared to 2005 (European Communities, 2013).
2.3 local responses

In light to local response for UK to mitigate CO2 emission and other GHG, it has established Climate Change Act on 26 November 2008. These act aims to several legislation that helps to manage and address climate change (GOV.UK, 2013 a). Therefore, the act works to achieve aims as the following: First, make certain economic way to reduce emissions and reduce about 80% of GHG by 2050 compared to 1990 (HM Government, 2011 & GOV.UK, 2013 a). Second, providing clear plan for industry to work effective in reduce emission by the act (GOV.UK, 2013 a).

Third, use EU ETS policy to provide large proportion to reducing emissions in the UK between the 2013 and 2020. Fourth, use 2050 Calculator by public and policy makers to choosing the appropriate options to reduce emission and achieve the target of 2050 (GOV.UK, 2014). The 2050 Calculator is model that help policy-makers and public to choose the appropriate way for reducing emissions
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