European Unions And The European Union

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The European Union was developed in order to end the frequent and horrific wars between neighboring countries in Europe which peaked in the second World War. After long years of negotiations and meetings between member states of European countries, the European Union was formed because of common interests and goals on economic, social, and foreign policies. The European Union ensures to unite European countries economically and politically in order for them to have a secured lasting peace. The founding countries of the European Union construct of Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. In order to maintain the European Union as a strong governmental group, it has been through many alterations such as the United…show more content…
Margaret Thatcher 's policy towards European Integration is quite aggressive, her determination to not give away nationalism, has set the current British policy towards the European Union; but leaving the Union is not ideal for both United Kingdom and the European Union from both a political and economic point of view. Before World War I and II, Britain ruled the world, and after the war Britain changed roles and tried to act as a guardian of Europe to bring the damaged cities and countries back to their normal conditions like before, and make them stable and develop on their own. Eventually, Britain did join the European Community in 1973. Britain chose to join the community because, the community could provide stability in the economic downturn in Britain. They signed the treaty late because of their good trade relations with the United States of America and the commonwealth more than with they did with European countries. When Britain joined the community, the rules and policies were already signed which made it harder for Britain to renegotiate some of the policies in order to curb them in their favor. They have been seen as an “awkward member” (Anand 2004). The British people feared that they had to surrender their sovereignty if they joined the commission. They didn 't want to be a part of the commission where member states have unstable politics and are underdeveloped. But, as the economy

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