European countries conquer and colonize Africa in the 19th century

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European countries conquer and colonize Africa in the 19th century There were a number of reasons that cause the Europeans to conquer and colonize in Africa. There was there need for more raw materials, many of the products that they needed could not be found in Europe so exploration was required to satisfy their economic needs. Europeans also had a desire to control the trade in certain parts of Africa, but the important question is what made all of this possible. There were tons of reasons why the Europeans started colonies in Africa, and it all started with Europes Industrial Revolution. Europe had went through great leaps and technological advances one of the was the creation of the steam engine. Europe was able to craft a ship that…show more content…
For some Africans it could even be beneficial if the Europeans were taking over a rival colony. Sometime the Africans would ally with the Europeans depending on the circumstance. There were all types of reasons that allowed the Europeans to come to Africa and colonize and be successful. They were not successful for very long though only about fifty or a few more years. This was highly due to the advancements in their technology before a lot of the other countries. So Europeans did not actually conquer Africa, but they did have a superiority over them for a number of years. Soon everyone would catch up in the technological advances, and colonialism would come to an
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