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Table of Contents Introduction 2 The meaning of Euroscepticism 3 Causes and progress of the Euroscepticism in Great Britain 4 Great Britain and Europe 5 Conclusion 6 Bibliography 7

“We are with you, but not of you,” the famous quote by Winston Churchill in 1948 what unofficially stated Great Britain’s political position towards Europe. Great Britain has been an awkward partner in Europe for a long time. Non-willingness to be described as a part of Europe, the refusal to join European Coal and Steel Community in 1951 (predecessor of the European Community and European Union), the willingness to go ‘only wider, but not deeper’ in case of European Union expansion, and the fear of losing her national identity and becoming a
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British Euroscepticism is a sign that Britain is not willing to lose her sovereignty, harmonize tax system or join the Eurozone, just because geographically it is placed in Europe and is a member country of European Union.
After analyzing results of the desk research about society in Great Britain, it can be determined that Euroscepticism in Britain is not one-sided position of the government. It can be confirmed with the results found from the survey: Great Britain - country that still ranks lowest in terms of the public’s support for EU membership (Taggart and Szczerbiak 2004: 23). Public opinion goes hand in hand with the government on this issue, expressing its opposition and reluctance towards European Union.
As Oliver J. Daddow names it in his paper – collective British attitude to generate and sustain the popularity of British Euroscepticism opinions about the Europe and the EU. (Daddow 2006: 66) It is important for both – the society and the government - to feel unanimity of Britain’s position, because that is one of the aspects that emphasize British exceptional island identity. Causes and progress of the Euroscepticism in Great Britain
In light of the foregoing discussion, what exactly are the reasons of British Euroscepticism? In the process of reading and exploring existing research materials found, report came across some of the most encountered key
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