Eurydice In Heroes, Gods, And Monsters Of The Greek Myth

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Orpheus was the Beethoven of the Greek world, everybody loved his music. Everywhere he went, people listened to his music and loved it. Eurydice was Orpheus’ number one stalker/fan. They fell in love but Eurydice died one day, from a snake bite. Orpheus’ mad love for Eurydice ended up sending him to Tartarus and all he had to do was to bring Eurydice out of the underworld without looking at her. However, he was filled with doubt and he turned to look at her, losing her forever. The intro of Mythology and You states, “we can choose to face the challenges in our daily lives with determination, courage, and thoughtfulness.” Orpheus experienced a crisis that cut into his life and could have faced it with determination, courage, and thoughtfulness, but instead, he starts to doubt that the woman Hades gave him was his lover and turned around and looks at Eurydice. Hades…show more content…
The powers of light would be reason, determination, and logic while the powers of darkness would be his feelings and undying love for Eurydice. They battle inside of Orpheus as he takes Eurydice out of Tartarus and his love ends up winning. Had the powers of light won, he would be happy with Eurydice for the rest of his life. The word Orpheus means “best voice”. Everybody, people and gods alike, and everything loved his music. The whole land was moved by him and his lyre. “The universal appeal of Greek myths lies in their ability to tell us about human nature and ourselves,” is like the music of Orpheus. Everybody enjoyed his music for the same reason as we enjoy the myths. Orpheus’ story is still read and studied around the world to tell us to not make the same mistakes he did. The moral of his story can apply to all of us in the real world today. For this reason, his story will always be studied and stay
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