Euthanasi A Controversial Topic

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Briana Underwood
Lifespan TR 12:30
24 April 2015
About Euthanasia For many years euthanasia has been a controversial topic. The argument of euthanasia is vastly criticized by Richard T. Hull and Margaret A. Somerville. Richard T. Hull talked about the “yes” argument, saying that euthanasia should be legalized. Margaret A. Somerville presented the “no” argument, saying it is not alright to end someone’s life in any circumstance. After reading and analyzing both sides of the argument, I have decided which argument is stronger from my perspective. Richard T. Hull had a decent and thorough argument over the legalization of euthanasia. He gave two arguments that I particularly found effective. One of the two was that out of people who are against physician-assisted suicide support self-sacrifice of individuals who decide for themselves to die for the sake of others. Hull also included specific examples of self-sacrifice that support his point about euthanasia being comparable to self-sacrifice. The examples such as: “a soldier who throws himself on a grenade to save his fellow comrades, parent leaping into the path of car to save their child, firefighters remaining in a collapsing building rather than abandon trapped victims”. In all of those situations these people chose to be brave and make personal sacrifices to keep someone else life safe. As you can see Hull is trying to show the fact that those against euthanasia support almost completely the same principle of

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