Euthanasi And Its Effect On Society

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As a virtue ethisist would undiable attempt to conserve the life as challenged by Euthanasia .It is inevitable to bring about Natural Law when disscuing end of life topics. Since the dawn of exisance humans have held the most primal instinict of survial. We may live with comstant knowledge of our enivitable death but still avoid it at most, if not all cost. .]“Every human being has a natural inclination to continue living…… In our daily lives, we exercise the caution and care necessary to protect ourselves.” (Mackinnon & Fiala, 2015). As indiviudals we all have intrinsic value and wheather by choice or obligation, our life is held to a higher standard. Intrenic value does not diminish extrinsic value but it does hold more importance beacause intresnic value there even if society dosnet acknowledge it, even if as individual we don’t see it we still have it. (quite book on intrerensic value). If we accept that we are valuble beyond our benfinit to society than we must also consider that some choice about our life our not our to make. Even if a person wont awknolede their instresic value as a community we have to know that it still exist and as humans we must uphold it to the proper standard of respect. One may also take a religious stance in correlation to natural law. God is the creator of man and our bodies and lives are sacred. Thus they are not ours for the taking. In actively pursuing our death through euthanasia we are going against god’s overbearing will to hold life

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