Euthanasi Assisted Suicide?

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Giovanni Gomez
Tammy Jonhson
English 2 B
14 November 2014
Euthanasia: Assisted suicide Which is better - suffering, pain, and holding onto life for a period of time or just being laid to rest in peace? Nine out of ten people would pick the latter (Georgia State University) if just asked that question without a scenario, but when given the scenario and thinking about their family they might change their opinion. Euthanasia is related to this because it is the destruction of life, and in today’s society, medications can help with pain and suicide is typical due to the amount suffering for depression. Therefore, there is no reason why euthanasia should be illegal at this point. “No human being with a spark of pity could let a living thing
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Meanwhile, there is no reason why euthanasia should not a viable option to people that want it. Also, euthanasia is a way out of a life of pain and misery, to take in fact “Un-responsive individuals” or “Brain dead individuals”. What kind of quality of life is that, be confined to a wheel chair and having to idea in the world what is going on. I think it should be an option to love ones and the person themselves if they what to turn to euthanasia as an option of relief. Euthanasia, like many things, can be for the better of man or its worst enemy. Euthanasia is pain relief, from a life confined to a mobile chair with no sense what so ever. Ask yourself what kind of life is that, would you want to be in this role for the rest of your life?
In light of this, these kind of living arrangements can put great strain on a family and love ones. With the legalization of euthanasia, this can act of a relief to some families and the patient. In the normal course of an illness, loved ones, friends, and family are all going to be involved in the dying process. Having to watch a loved one 's symptoms get worse, sometimes over a long period of time, and can be very harrowing. If assisted suicide
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