Euthanasi Ethical Accepted When Talking About Euthanasia Essay

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Veronica Lopez
Sister Lybbert
September 10, 2016
What is ethical accepted when talking about euthanasia? Is it acceptable to end a person’s life? Is it acceptable to make them suffer more than they can handle? Is it acceptable to withdraw any treatment to let the person die? What is then acceptable? In the USA, the states of California, Vermont, Oregon and Washington are of the few states that euthanasia has been legalized, with no existent law that require doctors to refer patient for a psychological evaluation before opting for euthanasia (National Right to Live News Sep. 2016- Colorado voters will face ballot with life and death consequences) With this discrepancy, there is a chance that terminal ill patients are not psychologically evaluated to try euthanasia; this means many patients that opt for euthanasia are suffering from a psychological illness like depression other than a terminal ill.
It is a fact that when we talk about euthanasia, it generates a disagreement between the general public. This is a topic that many want to avoid, but others want to inquire a little more. “Euthanasia is a termination of a very ill person’s life in order to relieve them from their sufferings” (Ethic of Euthanasia- Introduction). This essay will discuss the ethical implication as well of the religion implication this topic generates. A research approved by The institutional review boards of the three participating hospitals and the University of

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