Euthanasi Pressing The Issue Of Its Legalization

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Euthanasia: Pressing the Issue of Its Legalization
Dying is one of the events that any mortal human being cannot avoid, no matter what one does to prevent it. Whether expected or not, either from an illness, an accident, a crime, or any unexplainable phenomena, we will eventually die, one way or another – and this is a fact that we know of. But with the turn of the century, the concept of dying has already evolved into another kind of death that most religious groups and bioethicists are currently grappling with: euthanasia. Euthanasia has been a well discussed issue in the arena of biomedical ethics. Many are against it; as well as many also favor it. This is evident with the fact that some countries and states have already legalized it or had made laws with regards to its practice. Ever since I can remember, euthanasia has been a very delicate issue since it really involves the one thing which we regard as the most important in this world: life. But we must also be aware that the issue of euthanasia really involves so many layers than just the taking away of a life. In this paper, I would aim to answer the question of whether or not euthanasia should be legalized and be introduced as an option for patients who really need them the most. And before answering this question, it is very relevant that I would first introduce euthanasia itself; what it is and how it is done plus the objections that it is facing from bioethicists, physicians, and some moralists; and from

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