Euthanasi The Argument Against Euthanasia

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Euthanasia is “killing or passing up opportunities to save someone, out of concern for that person.” Arguments for euthanasia is the prevention of the unnecessary prolonging of suffering of the patient who is diagnosed with a terminal illness, and their families, also, there is the argument of using resources, economic and human, in efforts to keep people who have incurable diseases alive. Arguments against euthanasia is that the thought of having assisted suicide could be a result of misdiagnosis from a doctor, and also, that euthanasia is the process of killing someone, which is immoral. These views can be analyzed by using two different theories of ethics, consequentialism, or utilitarianism, and deontological theories.
As a utilitarian, who focuses on the best consequence for the greatest number of people, they could be both for and against euthanasia. The utilitarian who is for euthanasia might say that allowing a person who is suffering to die can help others out. Euthanasia would be helpful in the way that it would provide those who are in dire need of organs with the organs of the person who was euthanized. Although it is immoral to kill someone, as a utilitarian, looking at the benefit of saving many lives with one life is the best consequence. Also, another argument the utilitarian would make for euthanasia is the unnecessary use of resources, human and economic, devoted to keep a terminally ill person alive, when they could be used to help people who have a…
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