Euthanasia: A Way To Save Patient Lives. Some Argue That

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Euthanasia: a Way to Save Patient Lives Some argue that physician assisted suicide (PAS) or Euthanasia is murder due to the decreasing value of life and the permitting doctors to kill. Societal and law change began first in Oregon, in 1994, when the Death with Dignity Act was passed. This act allows an Oregon resident, that has a terminal illness and fits a specific criteria, to have a lethal dose of medication to end their suffering. To date, five other states have joined Oregon in the legalization of physician assisted suicide in the United States. Leading to the question of, “why have the other states refused to join the six states that has legalized euthanasia?” Simultaneously, most states will answer with, “it is still murder,…show more content…
So the legality in PAS should be determined by the patient, in regards to their quality of life. Advocates against physician assisted suicide would then argue that society has been desensitized to death and violence and therefore don’t see it as murder. In the past few decades the entertainment industry has been showcasing death in increasingly violent and gory ways as it depicts more and more death in movies and TV shows. The rise of social media has also given rise to a barrage of “caught on video” death and violence. Is there other ways of providing quality entertainment without all of the death that is involved? The exponential increase of popularity of showcasing death has also impacted how future forms of entertainment will be created. As seen in multiple movies and videogames using life and death as entertainment purposes has increased revenue streams. This argument that the growing trend of violence in our everyday lives has left mainstream society jaded and apathetic. So is it because of media that we are “cruel” or are we actually not as cruel as people make us to be? While it could be argued that while the modern U.S. society experiences increasing violence related stress, this only strengthens the argument for a person’s quality of life and the importance of it. With the recent passing of Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act of 1994, people against PAS argue that the act has opened opportunities for brutal
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