Euthanasia And Physician Assisted Suicide. Introduction.

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Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide Introduction Euthanasia is when a patient suffering from a disease that cannot be cured is helped to die in a painless manner. Doctors help in such cases to kill patients without feeling much pain. It is an activity the permits the hopeless and injured people to die painlessly with reasons of mercy towards their suffering. Euthanasia is a Greek name that means easy death to individuals. The translation into the English dictionary has given the word the same meaning by Francis Bacon describing the mode of death as “after the fashion and the semblance of a kind & pleasant sleep.” The same meaning of attaining a painless death defines the word. In the medical field, Euthanasia is defined as a way of…show more content…
Such deaths have been on the rise in the recent years. Contrary to the wish of the patients who suffer and wish to be helped in dying, some of the practitioners and state laws do not permit the exercise to be conducted. Patients are to help patients to recover from the diseases they suffer from rather than helping to cut their lives. The guidelines indicate that doctors are to help patients recover from illness. The need of patients is to be treated and give hope that the suffering will end after the prescribed dose is over. The significance of euthanasia has not been clearly defined. The major reason of patients seeking the help of physicians is not that the patients have no hope of getting cured, but to remove the pain of thinking about the physical pain. "To achieve that end, with dignity and without pain, doctors should be allowed to aid terminal patients by providing necessary doses of drugs." Despite doctors and physicians helping patients to die, the sole decision lies with the patients as they have control over their lives. The counter argument to those against physician-assisted suicide will agree that patients with extreme pain have no ability to contribute to the economy, as they cannot work. Hence, the solution to such unproductive patients is to eliminate them from the society and allow the energetic people to run the economy. It is
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