Euthanasia, And Physician Assisted Suicide

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People have the freedom to make choices in life. However, the question posed is, do we have the freedom to choose death? Some say absolutely; we should have the freedom to decide how we spend our last days. If they’re filled with pain, debilitating, and cause hardship on loved ones, we should have the option to cease existence. Others take the view, we didn’t choose our birth, and therefore our death isn’t ours to choose. This causes debate on moral, ethical and legal grounds. This has led to defining the process under two separate terms for legal purposes. They are: euthanasia, and physician assisted suicide. Internationally, assisted suicide is a doctor prescribing drugs that end life. The patient is responsible for taking them. Euthanasia is the medication administered by doctors. Today, four countries have laws that allow euthanasia. (Ellis and Bronwyn) A few have laws for physician assisted suicide, and several countries have no laws against suicide. (Humphry) The United States of America have recently added a 5th state to offer assisted suicide. (California End of Life Option Act)
We’ll dispense with the legal jargon for this essay, and define euthanasia as seeking outside assistance in taking one’s life. Euthanasia actively seeks an outside source to hasten the end of life when choosing to opt out of treatment, or where none is available. Hospice Palliative Care differs in the way that this organization provides comfort, care, and pain management when
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