Euthanasia Essay

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Euthanasia: The Liberty to Die With Dignity The Pro-Life Alliance defines Euthanasia as: “Any action or omission intended to end the life of a patient on the grounds that his or her life is not worth living.” ( So the question stands, should an individual who is terminally ill, is in unbearable pain, can no longer function independently, who feels their life is so intolerable that it is no longer worth living, and who is of sound mind, be permitted the right to end their own life? Canada is said to be a free country, however hundreds of people are denied the right to end their suffering annually and die with dignity and self-respect on their own terms. Euthanasia should be legalized to relieve the suffering of those who are …show more content…
This has the additional burden of having to feed them, carry them to the washroom, clothe them and perform other daily chores to keep the dying individual alive. The pressure of having to do these daily necessities to keep a loved one alive can be draining, have an extremely negative effect on the caregiver’s life, and make the caregiver become resentful and depressed. A study in Oregon shows that in 2002 thirty-seven percent of the people who chose euthanasia did so to relieve the burden of their friend, family and caregivers ( Terminally ill people have enough to worry about and should not have to go through knowing they are burdening the people they love. Canadians should be allowed the liberty to choose their death and end their suffering. Li Yan is a 28-year-old terminal cancer patient from China. She suffers from motor neuron disease and has lost motor function in her entire body. She can only slightly move her head and certain fingers and preforming basic bodily functions unassisted is impossible. Her mother tends to her; feeding her, dressing her, and carrying her to the toilet. Her mother is getting old and Li says “I must die before my parents otherwise I will live a miserable life after they pass-away—dirty, stinking, and sick. The thought of such a life is unbearable…” Li wants nothing more than for Euthanasia to be
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