Essay about Euthanasia

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Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide       Individual cases presented to justify legalizing physician assisted suicide fail to deal with underlying medical failures to control pain, creating an illusion of control over death, and not acknowledging the thousands of patients murdered inappropriately. This is an interesting and a very controversial issue in today’s society. Euthanasia has negative sides, it can hurt society, and everyone needs to learn more bout it.      The word Euthanasia is Greek in origin. It arrived from the prefix “eu”, meaning fear, easy, and fortunate and from the word “thanatos” meaning death. The main idea of Euthanasia is that someone has a conscientious death…show more content…
Further, if an individual is injected with medicine that is intended to be vital to curing his disease or make him well again, and the individual dies in the end, then this is also not euthanasia or wrongful killing. Relating to, when a patient’s situation is such that it is irrational to pray that any medical procedures or treatments will preserve his life, failing to administer the procedures or treatments is not euthanasia. If the individual parishes, this will be to the effect of his injuries or disease and not because of his dereliction to acquire treatment (Gay-Williams, 290). The choice not to continue medical treatment after the realization that the patient has a slim to none chance of profiting from it has been characterized by some as “passive euthanasia”. This phrase is deceiving and incorrect. In most cases, the individual entangled is not murdered, nor is the decease of the individual intended by the forbearing of increased treatment. The main concern is to spare the individual any increased and unexonerable pain, to protect him from the in distinctions of incurable manipulations, and to elude the additional financial and impeluous problems of the family (Gay-Williams, 291).      Every individual has a genuine desire to recommence his/her life. Our reflex and acknowledgement fit us to defend our self from attacker, run from dangerous animals, and jump out of the way of oncoming traffic. “Our bodies are
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