Euthanasia Informative Essay

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The Controversy of Euthanasia One of the biggest and most controversial topics throughout society today is the act of euthanasia in humans. In the medical field, euthanasia is commonly known as assisted suicide that is essentially for terminally ill patients only. When thinking about euthanasia, Americans tend to relate it towards the rights for animals, but in this specific example I will focus on the controversial topic of legalization on behalf of people who are professionally diagnosed with a life-threatening diseases. This will not include minorities under the age of eighteen or the elderly over the age of sixty. Thus when looking at the data in today’s society, euthanasia is clearly defined as taking action of ending a person’s…show more content…
All of the patients who requested assisted suicide cited psychological and social concerns as their primary reasons. According to the Health Division, this clearly does not give the United States court system any proof of dramatic circumstances in the use of active euthanasia. Ben Mattlin, who is a known to be a famous author in the medical and legal standpoints of society, wrote “Suicide by? Not So Fast,” in November 1, 2010. Mattlin expresses, “My job as a physician is to ensure that people can see their inherent dignity reflected in they way they are cared for” (Mattlin). He debates the issues on how ‘active euthanization’ it is not ratified enough to become nationally acceptable due to the evidence of no complications found within the state of Oregon. Mattlin powerfully expresses that actively having the option to end ones life is unjust and should not be made legal. Given the concluding data made in the state of Oregon, He believes that a person should not be able to make a decision for them or for another on the act of terminating a life. Therefore, he persuasively projects the reasoning of why a human life, disabled or frail, should not have to choose death to become dignified. Voluntary euthanasia may be looked down upon within active medical practices, although in some cases, the view of passive euthanasia is morally acceptable. For instance, within common life-threating illnesses, a patient will take extreme measures into

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