Euthanasia Is A Painless, Quick, And Peaceful Death

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When your family pet is sick and in constant pain, what do you do? Your family takes your beloved pet to the veterinarian to be put down and out of its misery. This is often thought of as an act of kindness towards your pet; you’re relieving it’s intense pain and suffering. Why is it acceptable to put a loved pet out of its misery, but frowned upon to help a human relieve their terminal pain? Euthanasia is a painless, quick, and peaceful death that can be medically provided to patients by doctors to help end the suffering that comes with a terminal disease. This option is currently illegal in the United States. All over the country, there are patients lying in uncomfortable hospital beds, often unable to move or even speak due to the excruciating pain that comes with their illness. Families and friends are all able to witness the pain and suffering of their loved ones, but doctors can only do so much. Pain medication won’t relieve the pain, and it certainly won’t cure the diseases. Now imagine a way out. An easy, painless method is provided to the patients who chose to end their lives and move on. They simply fall asleep and their pain is gone forever. Their worry is gone; and their suffering is over. The families of these patients can be at peace knowing their loved one is at rest and out of pain. However, this practice is prohibited under homicide laws in the United States. The practice of voluntary euthanasia in the United States should be a safe and legal
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