Euthanasia Is Morally Wrong? Essay

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The two articles that I’ve chosen to research deal with euthanasia and specifically how euthanasia is morally wrong. The first article, by Claire Chretien of Life Site News (2016), talks about a new documentary that was recently released that details the true horrors and deceptions of euthanasia; specifically, the Belgium laws where it has been legal to perform euthanasia and physician assisted suicide for about 15 years. This article’s main points are that, according to the documentary, euthanasia is “’falsely promoted as compassion and mercy,’ when really ‘it’s about ending the life of someone who’s going through a very vulnerable time.’” (Chretien 2016)
Two other main points in Chretien’s (2016) article is that euthanasia isn’t about autonomy due to the fact that someone else says that they, under the law, are qualified to seek PAS (Physician-assisted suicide) or euthanasia; and that euthanasia only takes into account the current suffering of the individual and not what is possible for them in the future in terms of new treatment and care. Finally, Chretien (2016) cites from the documentary that many cases of euthanasia are pushed upon the patient as it suited the doctors and the hospital best for the patient to die by means of aggressive treatment options that could cure their disease but also could just as likely kill them. The article also states that there is very little oversight in the euthanasia protocols, self-governance, reporting, etc. (Chretien 2016)
The other
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