Euthanasia Is Not A Wrong Thing

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People who are terminally ill may find their life severely damaged and their loved ones go through an equal amount of mental agony. We face many choices in our daily lives, but often the right choices are not the easiest ones. We think about our choices, their alternatives, our feelings, our beliefs and priorities. It is often difficult to determine whether our decisions are right or wrong. Euthanasia is one such act that is a cause of global moral dilemma. It is an act of painlessly putting a person suffering from an incurable disease which is severely painful, to an end. What I personally feel about this act is this that euthanasia is not a wrong thing to act upon. If a person is terminally sick and has no chances of survival, he/she may be relieved of the prolonged pain through euthanasia.
I see no wrong doing in this act at all. People often say “someone has to decide what nature and God used to decide for us”. I am against this notion because I feel that the situation is completely different and it is better to relieve a person off tremendous sufferings and pain rather than prolonging it, even though it may be the toughest decision to make. It is still banned in many parts of the world since it is considered to be a suicide of done by the patient and murder if the doctor suggests it. It is nothing but an act of mercy by ending the life of the suffering will be morally acceptable before discussing further let us know the various types of euthanasia: •
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