Euthanasia Is Not The Active Death Of A Patient

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Euthanasia comes from the Greek words, Eu, meaning good, and thanatosis meaning death. This means ‘Good death,’ ‘Gentle and easy death.’ It is also the word has come to be used for ‘Mercy killing.’ In this sense Euthanasia means the active death of a patient.
In today’s society euthanasia has become very controversial on whether or not it is classified as a good action to take for suffering patients of painful and incurable diseases or an irreversible coma. The video I just showed you was an ad that has been banned in Australia for the very reason of supporting and advocating Euthanasia. The government is against Euthanasia and leaving people to suffer in excruciating pain or to find other means of peace, which more than often leads to
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This decision is made by another person because the patient is incapable of to doing so himself/herself. There are also two different procedural classifications; these are Passive and Active Euthanasia. Passive is when life-sustaining treatments are withheld. For example if a doctor prescribes increasing does of strong painkillers which may eventually be toxic for the patient, some may argue whether passive Euthanasia is taking place. In most cases, the doctor’s measures are seen as a passive one. On the other hand Active Euthanasia is the use of lethal substances or forces which then gets used to end the patient’s life. Active Euthanasia includes life-ending actions conducted by the patient or somebody else. There have been several attempts to legalise Euthanasia in certain parts of Australia, however it is currently still unlawful.

Lobby groups opposing the issue and associated arguments:
There are many arguments opposing Euthanasia, but the main lobby group is the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL). Their vision is to see the Christian Principles influencing the way we are governed, do business, and relate to each other as a community. ACL facilitates professional engagement and dialogue between church and state, allowing the voice of the church and of the individual Christians to be heard in the public square. Jim Wallace the deputy Chairman of the Australian Christian Lobby stated in an interview on…… that “….”
Other arguments opposing Euthanasia is that
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