Euthanasia Is The Act Of Euthanasia

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Euthanasia is the act or practice of killing someone who is terminally ill in order to prevent or cease suffering. Euthanasia derives from the Greek word meaning “good death”. “Eu” meaning well/good and “thanatos” meaning death. The words were combined and resulted in the 17th century term of euthanasia. Allowing a patient to die painlessly and with the least amount of damage emotionally and physically left behind connects the origin of the word to my argument of legalizing euthanasia, so patients can have access to a “good death”. There are a few different types of euthanasia; all are different considering the situation and consent of the patient. This essay will constrain of the argument to legalize all types of euthanasia in Canada. The act of euthanasia is illegal everywhere in the world except for Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. Canada should adopt the practice of euthanasia to therefore end the physical suffering of terminally ill patients, subside the emotional suffering of the patient’s families along with the climbing debt left behind resulting from treatment and for the patient to die at his or her own request with their dignity. There are many negative feelings both emotional and physical involved with being terminally diagnosed. Physical pain for the majority of terminal patients are unbearable and there are no ways to cure the pain, only treatments to help reduce it. It is a debated ethical question whether to force someone to be kept alive in such pain or
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