Euthanasia Is The Act Of Killing Someone

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Euthanasia is the act of killing someone that is very sick or injured in to prevent a painful suffering in life. One type of euthanasia is physician-assisted suicide, which is the use of a particular medicine given to a patient by a doctor to cause a peaceful death. This a very controversial topic when it comes to the subject of terminal or severe illnesses such as cancer and dementia. Brittany Maynard is a well-known example of person who took her own live under Oregon’s aid-in-dying law due to her condition with terminal brain cancer in November of 2014. Instances such as Brittany Maynard’s situation has brought about the consideration of accepting and legalizing the use of euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide with in societies all around the world today. For those countries strongly considering the legalization of physician-assisted suicide, there are also many debates on the types of laws and regulations that should be implemented for the use of euthanasia. There are many opinions concerning the use of euthanasia and assisted suicide for patients suffering from terminal illnesses. Advocates of euthanasia agree with the idea of assisted suicide in the medical field and see the opportunity as your personal right to die. Those that are terminally ill or suffering from pain that they have to live with for the rest of their life should not be given the punishment of having to suffer longer than they have to. Supporters of euthanasia also believe that this act can create
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