Euthanasia Is The Intentional And Painless Ending Of Life For Animals

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Euthanasia is the intentional and painless ending of life for animals that are suffering from an incurable disease. In small animals is performed by an injection into the vein of an agent consequently ending in the death of the pet. When an animal is euthanized they become unconscious which is firstly followed by respiratory arrest and then cardiac arrest. If there are no cardiovascular defects in the animal generally within 30 seconds of unconsciousness cardiac arrest will occur. – © 2014 Veterinary Nurse Solutions Pty Ltd Version 1.1 page 140 of 155
Euthanasia is performed for various reasons. The animal may have a change in disease status or have an incurable, non-responsive or a terminal illness. An injury that will have an extended
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– © 2014 Veterinary Nurse Solutions Pty Ltd Version 1.1 page 142 of 155
There are options available on what you would like to do with their pet after euthanasia.
Options include:
- Burial (in some states, check your local regulations)
- General cremation (with no ashes returned)
- Private cremation (with ashes returned in urn of their choice)
- Take home (for home burial or cremation through the client’s chosen crematorium)
- © 2014 Veterinary Nurse Solutions Pty Ltd Version 1.1 page 143 of 155
Seeing as Natalie has never gone through this before it is advisable that she contacts a close friend of relative to come with her if possible. There are also other alternatives available such as home euthanasia this is available if requested this is where the Veterinarian comes out on a house call to perform the procedure. There are also options such as car or garden area euthanasia’s as some client prefer the
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