Euthanasia Is The Killing Of A Patient

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Euthanasia is the killing of a patient who is painfully suffering with the help of a doctor. The classifications of euthanasia are voluntary and involuntary. Voluntary euthanasia is the consent of the patient and involuntary is the consent by another person because the patient is unable to do it themselves. There are also two procedures known as passive and active. Passive euthanasia is when the doctor stops doing something that will keep the patient alive. Active euthanasia is when the doctor does something that will cause the patient to die. Many people believe that passive is more acceptable than active. Active is more a controversial issue due to religious and ethical beliefs. Euthanasia passive and active should be legal everywhere because it gives the patient the right to choose, give them dignity, does not harm others, and helps stop their suffering.
Many people believe it is morally wrong because the doctors’ intentions are to kill an innocent human being which is the same as murder. Legalizing euthanasia can lead to more deaths because people will think that suicide is the solution to life’s problems. It can send a message that people can commit suicide with the help of others without having a deadly illness. The Netherlands, proves the reality of it increasing the death of others. The death by euthanasia was reported in 2006 to be 1,9223 in 2007 it increased to be 2,120 and in 2011 almost 4,000 people died of physician assisted suicide. Studies estimate that…
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