Euthanasia Is The Meaning Of Good Death

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Euthanasia has the meaning of “good death”. Is there really such a thing as someone having a good death? The controversy behind this is active euthanasia is morally wrong. Active euthanasia is usually done to patients who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and is a way to have an instant death instead of prolonging life. There are some places where euthanasia is already legally admissible, but people are having thought of making this act of killing legal throughout the country. I shall prove to you that actively killing someone is morally worse than letting someone die.
Anyone who believes that God exist would agree that no one has the right to play God. No matter how you put it active euthanasia is still a form of murder. Thou shall not kill, I am sure you all have heard of that before. Giving a physician the right to actively kill is giving a person the right to play God. When it is your time to die it is your time to die. We never know what God has in store for us. I have had family members in my family who had terminal illness and fought until God said it was ready for them to come home. My Aunt had was diagnosed with lupus when she was 18. She went on to get married and have two boys. Her lupus took a toll on her body in her 30s, but she still fought to show her kids that you have to fight in life and put your faith in God. Another example of the power of God is my cousin who had breast cancer. The doctor found the cancer while in stage four be she still…
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