Euthanasia Is The Practice Of Ending A Patient 's Life With The Intention Of Relieving Them From Pain

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Euthanasia is the practice of ending a patient’s life with the intention of relieving them from pain and suffering. The topic is interesting because there is a huge difference in people’s opinions of it- from those who support it to those who do not. A few arguments that support euthanasia are the rights for humans to decide when to die, that death is not a bad thing so it coming sooner is more of a relief for them, it is wrong to deny someone the right to die when they are suffering, and it may be cost effective for people who are terminally ill and will die soon anyway. A few arguments that are against euthanasia include patients being judgment-impaired due to the effects of their illness, it seems like a cop-out for doctors because it is easier to euthanize a patient than to care for them, a patient’s decision to be euthanized can have a serious impact on others in their life, patients may feel pressured to chose euthanasia because it is cheaper than medical care, and euthanasia is mainly promoted by people who have had a loved one die because they were in agonizing pain. Autonomy which is the ability to decide, supports any decision a patient will make, whether it is to be euthanized or not. Beneficence is the assumption that a healthcare provider is actively seeking the patient’s good and will give their opinion on whether euthanasia is the right decision or not. The two ethical theories that can be used to defend and criticize euthanasia are the duty-oriented…
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