Euthanasia On A Personal Level

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Before the commencement of my speech, there’s one thing I want all of you to do. Imagine having a little sister or brother, mother or father, bedridden by a terminal illness that plagues their existence with unbearable pain and suffering. Watching them lay there, day after day, as they so desperately hope that one day their agony will cease. What would you want for that beloved family member? Would you want them to constantly endure their anguish and torture until eventually the days comes, or would you want them to pass peacefully, with dignity and pride? What if you were that terminally ill person?

Good morning Mrs Arnold, Miss Shiels and fellow class mates, today I will be debating the topic of euthanasia on a personal level, a national level, and a global level. I sincerely believe that euthanasia should be legalised in Australia for terminally ill patients.

1st Argument
On November the 8th, 2015, David Attenborough told ‘the guardian’, “When you see poor people, poor in the sense of having some wretched disease, pleading for their lives to be brought to an end … It’s difficult to think that they don’t deserve to have that right.”

And why don’t they have that right?
Who are the people of Australia to say “No, you can remain in an excruciating state of pain for the rest of your days, because our beliefs forbid you to end your own suffering”.

As a human being, we should most definitely be subject to the right of choosing how we want our own lives to end, no matter
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