Essay on Euthanasia

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suicide * agent responsible for death


* a second person responsible for person dying

assisted suicide * person dying is the agent respelled for death

* second person gives access to the person dying




1) Right to self Determination

Calahan: Self Determination and Mercy of Others. (It’s a social act, you can claim it’s a murder.) Aiding someone to die, is the new category of killing

***Believes that assisting someone in dying is supposedly a new category of an acceptable killing and he doesn’t think so

People think that helping someone die is not acceptable

Only 3 ways to take someone’s life:
1. self defense
2. in war war
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Higher duty
2. Incompatible with human dignity and being a person.
3. Not fair to impose an additional burden — (the request to end their own lives).

There is a “higher duty”—on what basis?

1.Duty—not a failure to respect one’s person
2.Question of just or fair burdens to family
3.87 Years of age
4. 50/50 chance you can live up to 6 months
Lose all your savings, your home and your career at 55?

A “duty to die” is more likely when:

1. Living will impose significant burdens.
2. Growing older = sacrificing a small portion of life’s plans.
3. One’s had a full/rich life.
4. Loved ones already have a difficult life.
5. Significant sacrifices already made.
6. “You” will be gone or comprised soon.
7. Lavish life choices instead of saving for future care.

A duty to die is less likely when:
1. You can make smaller sacrifices or adjustments.
2. You can still make significant contributions to the lives of others/family. Bouvia

Patients right to refuse medical treatment.

Missy has the right to refuse medical treatment because it does not go against the state’s interest; the state interests are: Preserving life, preventing suicide, protecting innocent third parties, and maintaining medical, professional, ethical standards.


Battery and Right to refuse treatment.

Missy has the right to refuse medical treatment as it can be

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