Euthanasia Persuasive Essay

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An Avoidable Loss
Death by choice or euthanasia is a very controversial subject that is typically one-sided. The very concept of death alone is somewhat a taboo, but controlling death itself is another monster. Death by choice or “euthanasia” should not be legalized because it promotes defeatism, may lead to the strict procedures to become more accessible to people with non-fatal illnesses, could legitimize murder, or pressure the elderly.
When an unfortunate illness befalls, people have a tendency to become depressed and feel defeated. They start fearing the pain and the deterioration that may lie ahead, thus they become disillusioned and hasty looking for a way out. Euthanasia offers a way out but, this pessimistic end could have been
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Murder and manslaughter are very serious offenses that lead to life and jail or the death sentence. Euthanasia could lead to doctors getting away with murder because no one would know if the patient gave consent instead of the doctor. It only becomes more troublesome with involuntary euthanasia for patients that are competent or conscious, since they can’t defend themselves nor give consent to the doctor or their family. In a Dutch survey that was reviewed by the Journal of Medical Ethics in 1995 stated that out of 3,600 authorized cases, nine hundred of these cases doctors’ didn’t have explicit consent. In a follow-up survey, the doctors stated that the main reason for acting without proper consent was because the patients had dementia or weren’t competent. However, in fifteen percent of the cases in the second surveys, the doctors avoided any discussion because they thought they were acting in the patient’s best interest(“Involuntary Euthanasia is Out of Control in Holland” 8). In a nursing home study in March 1991, The New England Journal of Medicine revealed that twenty-five percent of nursing homes and medical staff didn’t follow special directions for patients with special needs. It was also found in that same study eighteen percent of patients were

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