Euthanasia Research Paper

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Marilyn Viruet

Would one rather save a life, or save themselves? Can someone’s life be that bad that they would ask someone to help end it? Euthanasia is an act that happens rarely. Nearly 1 in 5 doctors who care for seriously ill and people reported that they had been asked, on one or more occasions, for assistance in speeding a patient's death, either by writing prescriptions for lethal drugs or delivering a lethal injection. ( Euthanasia is the termination of a very sick person's life in order to relieve them of their suffering. The physician would provide the patient with information or tools needed to perform the act. Not only is Euthanasia dangerous, but it involves an innocent taking the life
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However, the physician can provide the patient with information that allows the patient to cause deadly harm. For example, a 45 year old woman who just found out she has stage 4 breast cancer wants to die because she knows she does not have a long time. She can submit a request to her physician to terminate any care she is receiving that will make her any better. In the request she can state her reason being that she wants to die. If the physician is aware of her request and reason and participates in the action, he is in violation of the Hippocratic Oath and can get fired.
Four types of physician assisted suicide or euthanasia can be committed. The physician can kill the patient intentionally without the patients permission or request, the physician can kill the patient intentionally with a request, the physician allows the patient to die by stopping any treatment being given, and lastly the physician stops any treatment that he knows will not better the patient. Each of these tupes of assisted suicide can put a doctor in a position of discomfort. Occasionally physicians do this as a patients dying wish and see it as helping their patients end their struggle or doing them a favor, but it is not productive, it causes more harm. In the UK some families who saw those patients die with assistance saw it as a right. It was discovered that a quarter of responders who have been diagnosed with a deathly illness would rather have an earlier death. Some
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