Euthanasia Self Determination

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Self-Determination is an ethical principle that recognizes the rights and needs of clients to be free to make their own choices and decisions. This allows the patient to make their own decision even though you may think that their decision may not be right. This is brought to light with the topic of euthanasia. For example, when someone may be suffering from cancer and is in the middle of the chemotherapy treatment this really takes a toll on that individual’s body and it may not even cure them. They may want to die and just stop the suffering from happening. According to Lach's belief, he believes that the patient should be the one who makes the decision when facing death. I think that this is a good point because if the person who wants end their life because they are suffering and…show more content…
630). Callahan is trying to say that there is a difference between killing someone and letting someone die and if this was an acceptable practice then this would damage the practice of medicine. No one should be given a pill or medication because they want their life to end because they are depressed or sad. But in situations involving severe medical problems, I think that euthanizing someone is a good idea. However, if someone is depressed and feels that their life is not progressing forward I don’t think that they should just wake up one day and kill themselves I think that they should she someone and just talk about what is going on. People should have the right to determination when everyone in their family including themselves believe they should end their life. This was show with Sanne in the short film “Letting You Go”. She was battling depression and had tried numerous medication and different ways to cope with her problems but nothing had helped. So she felt like the best thing for her was to let go and her family and new about it and excepted
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