Euthanasia Should Be Legalized And The United States As A Last Resort For The Terminally Ill

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Death is one of the few inevitable events in life; it’s something everybody must face in their lifetime. Many fear it but for some, it’s an opportunity to embrace freedom and tranquility from their suffering. For the terminally-ill, they want to liberate themselves from their illness but modern medicine, sometimes, can only reduce their pain to a certain degree and others want to have the right to die. Doctors trying to salvage their patients’ lives could possibly cause more harm than giving them what the patients’ wants, Death. As medical professionals, they abide to do no harm to their patients, to only reduce their pain and cope with their suffering but it’s damaging them even more. The last option for many terminally-ill patient is to die and allow medical professionals to help them, which is considered Euthanasia. The practice of Euthanasia should be legalized and provided in the United States as a last resort for the terminally-ill. Euthanasia debates originate all the way from the perspectives and condemnation by Christians in the Roman Empire. The word euthanasia comes “from the Greek words eu, meaning good, and thanatos, meaning death” (McDougall 148). The different types of Euthanasia explain the action taking place such as passive Euthanasia, “to end a person life by not taking the necessary and ordinary action to maintain life”, and active euthanasia, “to end a person 's life by use of drugs, whether by oneself or with the aid of a physician” (Terri Schiavo
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