Euthanasia Should Not Be Legal

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Is it better to be dead than sick or disabled? Who decides when it is times for us to go? In the case of Earle Spring, his life depends on the court order. Earle Spring was an old man whose mental and physical health declined as he aged. The doctors kept him on a dialysis machine to keep him alive. Not too long after his condition began to worsen, his family requested him to be removed from the treatment and let him die peace fully because they thought that Earle Spring would not want to live as what his mental states are right now. How would the family know if that is what Earle Spring really wanted? Earle Spring is neither competent nor comatose. In recent discussion of euthanasia, a controversial issue has been argued whether a terminally ill patient should get the rights to choose when and how they live should ended. While some argue that euthanasia should be allowed to end a person life voluntary or involuntary, others contend that either should allow. Euthanasia should not be the choice to end a terminally ill patient life because it violates the patient rights, devalues some lives, and it gives doctors too much power. First of all, legalized euthanasia will violate the rights of vulnerable patients. Patients with serious illness sometimes cannot make decision by themselves, but neither should doctor intervene in the decision-making. According to Peter Saunders, author of Twelve Reasons...Why Euthanasia should not be Legalised, he stated, "A patient with a terminal

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