Euthanasia: The Fight for Life

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Euthanasia, the allowance of patients being prescribed death upon request is a very sensitive topic that few want to discuss. Euthanasia is an economically unstable idea, it undermines the value mankind has placed on life, and it is uncivilized in practice. Euthanasia is slowly being allowed in more places making it easier on peoples conscious. Euthanasia causes more problems than it solves, therefore should not legalized in today’s world. Life is the greatest thing man possesses and should not be thrown away through euthanasia. Euthanasia requires doctors to judge another man’s life to determine if it’s bad enough to destroy. Someone’s life is not something a man should be able to judge. Even if allowed many doctors wouldn’t have it. The Canadian Medical Association surveyed doctors and found out how many would actually issue Euthanasia: Only one in five doctors surveyed by the Canadian Medical Association said they would be willing to perform euthanasia if the practice were legalized in this country. Twenty-three percent of doctors polled said they were not sure how they would respond to a request for euthanasia; 15 percent didn’t answer. The CMA defines euthanasia as “knowingly and intentionally performing an act that is explicitly intended to end another person’s life” in cases of incurable illness “and the act is undertaken with empathy and compassion.” One in six doctors (16 percent) said they have been asked to perform euthanasia with the past five years, according to
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