Euthanasia: We Have the Right to Die

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“A person has the constitutional right to request the withdrawal or withholding of a medical treatment, even if doing so will result in the person’s death” (Assisted Suicide). So why is there not, and should there not be a right in some states and countries for those who are near death and know they will die to want to end their life. Even during the Ancient Roman times, the idea of Assisted Suicide was accepted “If caused from pain or sickness, or by weariness of life” (Assisted Suicide). With today’s technology, it has become easier to keep a person who is terminally ill or in a “vegetative state” alive longer. The argument is if it is morally acceptable to do so, and if doing so is the best decision for everyone involved and under what…show more content…
The “Slippery Slope” Argument states that there are many exceptions to a law until it reaches a point where it is unacceptable. Examples of this would be in some cases where the patients family, or even friends would try to persuade the physician that the patient would not want to have this process done, and attempt to stop the process because they are not willing to let go of the patient; the patient would have no say in this proposition because they are unable to speak out or in an unconscious state. There have also been some cases where murder has been involved and some cases where not all the necessary steps were taken to insure a safe environment. “In a recent study [of 120 nurses] nurses performed 12% of the of the cases and in 45% of the cases without explicit consent” (J. Pereira) This would cause the family and/or friends to not trust in the safety and the safety and care of their loved one. Following that point there are many reasons that those believing assisted suicide is wrong, are not necessarily true. Many of those that do not believe in assisted suicide do so because of religion or their ethical back round. The ideas that assisted suicide is wrong because any type of suicide is unnatural and no human being should have anything to do with their natural death. Many believe that every person has a
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