Euthanasia is Good: An Opinion Essay

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Euthanasia is Good Euthanasia is good for people who think of it as a dignified end of life (Goel 224). People who have an incurable disease and which causes them intolerable pain (maybe more than death does) or who have a severe devastating handicap which incapacitates them so much that their oxygen intake becomes difficult, life seems no good for such dejected people and therefore, their life is not worth living. Thus, active euthanasia is the only sparkling solution that justifies the end of their life in a peaceful manner (Perri). Euthanasia is good for the person who is a mature adult because a minor is not smart enough to decide about how long he/she should live. However, mature people think they are so their exact age depends on them; thanks to Euthanasia! Euthanasia is also good for people who are hopeless with their lives and do not have the courage to fight the dejection and physical and emotional agony. Therefore, it is good for them to give up and choose the final exit as the curing option. After all, a person is responsible for his life so it is no good to stop him from deciding about how and when he/she should die. In simple words, Euthanasia is a good way to suicide as one tells others beforehand about it and the amazing thing is that this plan of exit does not engage the assistants in criminal liability or leave them with feelings of guiltiness (Perri). Taking the life of a person on his own will also clearly eliminates the chances of the consequent
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