Eutrophication Essay

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Running head: EFFECTS OF N AND P ENRINCHMENT ON WATER SAMPLES 1 The Effects of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Enrichment on Water Samples from Encanto Lake and the Rio Salado River. Phoenix College EFFECTS OF N AND P ENRINCHMENT ON WATER SAMPLES 2 Abstract The purpose of this is experiment is to more closely understand the effects of nutrient enrichment on samples of water from Encanto Park Lake and the Rio Salado River. More specifically the concentration of nitrogen, phosphorus, and nitrogen and phosphorus together were altered and the effects this had upon algal growth were then observed. The results indicated that an increase in nitrogen concentration showed minimal…show more content…
That is not to say we should give up. I believe the point Nixon is making is that our ecosystem is in a constant state of flux. If research is conducted based on attempting return to nitrogen and phosphorous concentrations to levels that were exhibited in the past, the research will only fail. The research into the causes and methods of correction must still occur, but realistic goal points should be set. Taking that into consideration, the best way to combat something like eutrophication is to first understand its causation. It is important to conduct research into the causes of eutrophication, is it higher concentrations of nitrogen that cause it, phosphorous, or a combination of both. In the following experiment I will look at the potential causes (nitrogen and phosphorous) of eutrophication in fresh water samples from two different sources. Does the degree of concentration of nitrogen and phosphorus added to fresh water samples from the Encanto Park Lake and Rio Salado River directly affect the rate of algal growth? Materials and Methods The samples of unfiltered Rio Salado River water used in these experiments were collected from a site on the south bank of the river near S. 7th Ave. in Phoenix Arizona (see figure 1). The samples of water were collected by filling a three-gallon carboy by submerging it in the river. The carboy was then transported at ambient air temperature to the lab the same day it
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