Eutrophication: Water Quality Parameters Essay

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The Effects of Harmful Algal Blooms and Eutrophication

Eutrophication, by definition, is a process where bodies of water receive excess nutrients that stimulate excessive plant growth. Eutrophication results from continuous pollution in the form of agricultural run-offs or sewage outflows. Fertilizers and sewage are both rich in nitrogen and phosphorus, which are both nutrients essential for plant growth. However, these nutrients are typically low in content in aquatic environments, which limits the growth of algae and plants, but with an increased amount of these nutrients, more plants are able to grow, disrupting the natural environment. Eutrophication is becoming more and more common throughout the world. One main
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The planted pots were placed above the aquariums containing different levels of Elodea. Two plants were placed on chicken wire above the “Control” aquarium, two above the “Moderate” aquarium, and two above the “High” aquarium.

Aquatic Component Setup
For the aquatic component setup, our TA took Elodea (elodea densa) and laid it out to dry on a paper towel, then divided it into three fairly equal portions. The mass of the Elodea was then found using and electronic balance. The mass was then recorded in a row labeled “Control.” The first amount of Elodea was then placed in an aquarium labeled “Control.” This step was then repeated with a second set of plants. The mass was recorded in a row labeled “Moderate” and the plants ere place in an aquarium labeled “Moderate.” This was repeated once more, with the mass recorded in a row labeled “High” and the remaining plants were placed in an aquarium labeled “High.” Next, we measured the nitrate, nitrite, and phosphorous of the aquatic environments and recorded these levels in a table. The class was divided into five groups and each group was assigned to measure one water quality variable. My group measured pH for each of the tanks and recorded the measurements in a table weekly. We also measured the height of plant 1 and 2 for all three levels. At the end of the seven week study, we measured
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